Our Story

About us

PACE was established in 2017 as a global developer and investor in clean energy and brings together over 85 years of experience from across the technical and financial supply chain. 

Our global team can bring talent and expertise to any market or project – keeping down project specific costs and providing cost effective and efficient route for capital to the benefit of the project, the capital and each local energy market.



Solar energy technology involves capturing the energy from the sun and converting it into usable electricity. Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable energy source that produces no greenhouse gas emissions, making it an important part of the transition to a clean energy future.

Energy Storage

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are devices that store electrical energy in batteries for later use. BESS can provide a range of benefits, including improving the reliability and stability of the electrical grid, reducing peak demand and associated costs, and increasing the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid.


Green hydrogen is a type of hydrogen fuel that is produced using renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, or hydroelectric power.  The resulting hydrogen can be used as a fuel for a variety of applications, including transportation, industrial processes, and power generation.


Sustainable Investments for a Better World

If you are an international high-energy user requiring a clean energy solution, investment house or significant family-office investor looking to enter the clean energy market you should talk to us.

We bring global knowledge, supply chain and over 2GW of clean energy experience to each market or project.

As clean energy becomes the dominant international power source we work to de-risk and standardise the projects to bring lower cost capital or to make your investments secure and bankable.


Our Global Markets

PACE is constantly investigating global opportunities for our own developments and also on behalf of investors or corporate high energy users. We focus on opportunities with solar technology and energy storage as we consider these provide the strongest opportunity for innovation. We are constantly evaluating new markets, technologies and opportunities. We are active in the following markets:

For Landowners

Building a Greener Future through Collaboration

Pathfinder Clean Energy brings together experience from the development, construction and operation of over 1GW of clean energy projects in the UK and internationally.

This allows us to bring the latest best practices, technical solutions and innovation to the project.

Our dedicated team can make sure our project remains competitive on its development, construction and operation so that our project gets built, connected and operational – providing you with the secure income over the course of the lease.


Join our Team

PACE is interested to hear from any person who considers they can contribute to the PACE team and our ambitions. As a small and global team we do not have many openings for new positions and when we do require a high standard of professionalism and interest in the sector.

We are a tech-led organisation and as we act in many markets and time zones so we require our team to have a strong understanding and ability to adapt and learn new systems that can bring efficiencies and improve our ability to scale up and manage multiple projects in multiple markets. Our roles will have a high percentage of remote working.